How to add and edit photo captions

How do I add and edit captions to photos in my portfolio?

IPTC default caption information

As you upload images, we will look for captions in the IPTC caption information of the images metadata. *

If there is no IPTC caption information, we will use the EXIF or the filename as the default caption.

Editing Captions

You can update captions later by clicking on the image thumbnail edit button.

The image will open in a large format with a caption box over the bottom of the image, we allow 300 characters for the caption detail.

If you need to say more about the photograph or add a story, you can use Photoblog mode for your portfolio.




If you are using our Masonry photo style, you will notice as you move your cursor over the image either your caption or filename appears.

Include captions on all of your images, this serves to help viewers with information about your work and also helps to avoid Copyright infringements.


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