How to manage albums

How do I manage albums in my portfolio?

Manage your albums by dragging and dropping them between the three Albums panels: 

  1. Published
  2. Client & hidden albums
  3. Draft





When you create a new album, it will automatically appear in the Draft section.

Albums placed into the Draft section are not visible to anyone other than the account holder and do not appear in the Design panel.

When you’re ready to publish an album, simply drag and drop from the Draft panel to the Published panel.

All albums placed into Published panel will be visible to anyone who visits your website.

If you have an album that you would like to keep for private or client viewing, you can drag and drop your work into the Client & hidden albums panel.

All albums placed into this panel will only be visible to people you’ve invited.

See the Client Albums section for more information on this feature.

If you need to rename an album, just choose the edit icon that appears when mousing over the album in question and simply click on your album title to make any changes.



If you want to delete an album permanently, you can select the check icon that appears when you mouse over your album and choose the Delete button on the right hand side of the window.

You will be asked to confirm your choice before your album is permanently deleted, just in case you change your mind!



You can also adjust your sharing security settings on each album separately, or in groups.

Mousing over an album with display a check icon.

Clicking this icon will allow the Security panel link to appear at the top right of your Album window.

This link will take you to the Security panel, which offers a variety of options that determine the level of protection you can assign to the selected albums.



Customising Album Security Settings

Here various levels of protection are provided that can be set for individual or a group of albums. 

Allow or disallow Full Screen mode.

This option can magnify the image to fill the entire screen.

You also have the option to customise the sharing status of your images on social media and search engines. 

Unrestricted means your images will not be watermarked or hidden on the corresponding sharing platform.

Watermark applies your watermark to your image thumbnail.

Disabled setting hides your image and will not show it as a thumbnail.

When you choose between these options you will see a preview of how your image will be displayed on the web.




You can also customise your sharing settings between Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, allowing you to completely ban image sharing on one social media without excluding another.  




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