How to set up print self-fulfilment

How do I set up print self-fulfilment in my portfolio?

You have the option to sell your photographs via Self Fulfilment, creating your own Delivery Options and Price Lists.

You can create your own Print Price list and delivery options by selecting the Print option in your top menu. 

From here you chose the Self-fulfilment option.


VIDEO: Pixelrights TUTORIAL | Self Fulfilment PART 1




Terms and Conditions

It is very important to list your Terms and Conditions to clarify the expectations of both parties, please ensure you complete this section when setting up Self-fulfilment print sales.


Once you have all your company and delivery details set up, you can now work on your Price List.

Here you can add and customise your products.

Choose a paper size, type and cost. 

If you want to change the name of your Price List, just click on the name and type a new one. 

VIDEO: Pixelrights TUTORIAL | Self Fulfilment - PART 2 


You can also clone your price list to easily make discount or sale price adjustments without changing the original prices.